Karen Segal

Listen: Original Compositions

The Mystery Of Life

by Karen Segal Trio

Released 2009
Released 2009
Wes Montgomery and Thelonlius Monk walk into Pat Metheny's club where Carlos Santana is jamming with John McLaughlin. They all take a shot of estrogen. Voila. Presenting Karen Segal.
Originally from Boston, Massachusetts and based in San Francisco, Karen is better known for her work as a bassist with Marilyn Mazur (Miles Davis) and Suzanne Fasteau (Bill Evans) as a teenager in Copenhagen and as a co-founder and guitarist with the acid jazz band "Red Clay" with Davis Brown (Brazzaville, Beck) in Los Angeles during the 1990's. After a several year break following the birth of her daughter, Karen returns to the music scene with this captivating display of original eclectic compositions.