Long Summer Days

Karen Segal

Solo guitar version of 18 Danish folk songs and 2 original pieces. Beautiful and unique arrangements.

This instrumental solo guitar collection of Danish folk songs was arranged and performed by acclaimed jazz guitarist Karen Segal These beautiful traditional melodies flow with grace and just a hint of nostalgia. Originally recorded by Karen for her Danish-American immigrant mother as a birthday gift, Karen later recorded these songs with five-time Grammy Award winning sound engineer Cookie Marenco at OTR Studios in Belmont, California. The trifold CD, with translations, text, and photos from Denmark, makes wonderful holiday gifts to anyone who enjoys beautiful music. Songs can also be purchased individually as downloads.

The selection of songs range from medieval "Dronning Dagmar" to Poul Henningsen's 1940 "Man Binder Os På Mund og Hånd," but feature standards from the "Golden Age" of Danish song by Carl Nielsen Oluf Ring, B.S. Ingemann, Jeppe Åkjœr, and H.C. Andersen.

The title "Long Summer Days" originates from Karen's treasured memories of visiting family in Denmark as a child, primarily in the summertime. Karen has lived most of her life in the United States, but spent several formative years there and belongs to a large beloved Danish family.

Most Danes know these songs and can sing along verse after verse. The melodies are beautiful, mostly from the mid 1800's to the early 1900's. "Dronning Dagmar (Queen Dagmar)" is from the Middle Ages. "Jeg Er Havren (I'm The Oat)" is a song told from the point of view of an oat stalk. "Man Binder Os På Mund Og Hånd" (They Bind Our Mouths and Hands)" was written as a protest song during the German Occupation of Denmark during WWII. I wrote "I'm Home" to play at the Århus Jazz Festival where I brought my San Francisco band to perform with me on a Fulbright Grant in 2010. A description of each song is included in the physical CD as well as some photos. I have loved making this project and still enjoy listening to it when I need to relax.

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